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"Are you a woman who becomes a cat or a cat who becomes a woman?" That was the crucial question when it came to Shakira and it was one she always refused to answer. Travis Morgan the Warlord first asked it in Warlord #33 having learned of Shakira's changeling nature at the end of the previous issue (see cover above). Up until them he had assumed she was, like him, a human enslaved by the Titans looking for freedom so her transformation into a black cat caught him offguard. But having been hanging around Skartaris to accept shapechangers he just shrugged and took the cat along when he borrowed a Titan flight disk. Returning to the question I've always felt that her fondness for a plump, juicy mouse indicated Shakira was a cat who could turn human rather than the reverse but writer/creator Mike Grell never confirmed it one way or the other. At any rate just after Shakira had turned human again and Morgan first asked the question he suddenly had more important things to worry about. Namely an attack by a flock of Hawkmen.

The flight disk went out of control and dropped Morgan among a race of little people who had no love for the Hawkmen being one of their favourite snacks. Thanks to the flight disk's speed Morgan was ahead of the Hawkmen so he borrowed some of the little folks moonshine (I think these guys inspired B.B. Flemm's storybook Leprechauns in Grell's later Jon Sable) then headed up to the Hawkmen's aerie to try and rescue Shakira.

If Shakira did get even with Morgan or not is hard to say. She might have forgotten about her grudge the next day having a temper as mercurial a ... well, a cat. But independant as she was and no matter how much she grumbled about him when Morgan got into trouble Shakira was always there to help him out when he needed a hand. Or a paw.

For example ...

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