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In the savage world of Skartaris, life is a constant struggle for survival. Here, beneath an unblinking orb of eternal sunlight, one simple law prevails: If you let down your guard from an instant you will soon be very dead. So began most every issue of The Warlord during the golden age of its first fifty issues when writer, artist and creator Mike Grell had a firm grip on the comic's reins handling both the story and art chores. With a philosophy like that it's not surprising that the women Travis Morgan (aka The Warlord) met tended to be a tougher breed than the average female cast members of mid seventies comics. The best example being Tara, the warrior queen who would become his mate. As a rule if things were bad enough to overwhelm her then Morgan was likely in trouble too. Having saved Tara from a hungry saurian (though not without her help) during his first appearance in DC's comics pilot title, First Issue Special #8 the pair then fell afoul of Deimos, High Priest of Thera and fled the city leaving the story open for a continuation. Their adventures proved popular enough that DC spun them off into their own title and The Warlord hit the ground running with Tara teaching Morgan both sword fighting and how to survive in Skartaris in the first few pages of The Warlord's first issue. But while Tara was an excellent teacher and Morgan a very good student when they ran into a gang of slave traders sheer numbers carried the day.

So Morgan was re-captured and after a few more adventures found himself a gladiator fighting for the amusement of jaded nobles. But at least Tara got away.

Or did she?

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