Morgan's Angels : Tara - Page 2

     After leading a successful gladiators revolt Morgan received some very
unwelcome news.  Tara had been recaptured and sold into slavery.  That was
bad but what made it much worse was that she had been sold to their old foe
Deimos.  Having found the mysterious "Scrolls of Blood" the former High Priest
had seized the throne of Thera and was sending his armies out to conquer his
neighbours.  Using the gladiators as the core of a new army Morgan drew
together Deimos's opponents and set out to bring down the Devil King and
rescue Tara.

Morgan certainly knew how to make a grand entrance. Unfortunately so did Deimos!

Like a close up of Tara?
With the monster decimating his army Morgan tried to both blow the city gates and take out Deimos in hopes of turning the tide. But while he got the sniper position he needed Deimos was more than willing to use Tara as a shield.

Without his monster and with the gates breached Deimos decided discretion was the better part of valour. However Morgan decided bloody slaughter was an even better part of valour.

In the best heroic tradition Morgan accepted Deimos's challenge and found his enemy was a much better swordsman than the majority of evil sorcerers. But not quite good enough. Having "split his skull to the teeth" (to quote Morgan's description from Warlord #16 as you couldn't show that sort of thing in 1976) both Morgan and Tara assumed that was the last they'd see of Deimos. But while the Scrolls of Blood (aka the manuals for a B-100-D Solid Light Hologram Projector Apparatus) had failed him other leftover Atlantean technology would ensure that Deimos returned from the dead to spread terror across Skartaris again. Starting with his abduction of Morgan and Tara's son Joshua and their subsequent search to find him. A quest that would nearly cost them both their lives on several occasions.

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