Morgan's Angels : Tara - Page 3

     Unlike many villains the reports of Deimos's death were not greatly
exaggerated.  However thanks to the witch Ashiya, whom Morgan had helped out
of a tight spot unaware she was plotting his enemy's rebirth, and the Mask of
Life the late, great Deimos returned from the grave.
     It wasn't a perfect resurrection as the Mask's name was a little
deceptive.  Those revived by it were more undead than alive.  Deimos now had
to stay out of sunlight prevent him body decaying and drink human blood to
sustain himself.  But while he had some things in common with them unlike
vampires Deimos didn't return thinking blood tasted great or enjoy skulking
around in the darkness.  Especially as the sun never set in Skartaris
     So he was understandably in a foul mood and looking for revenge.
Kidnapping Tara and Morgan's son was a good start and left them desperately
trying to find Deimos's lair and his plans for Joshua.  Saaba, a witch Tara
knew promised to scry the information they needed if they brought her the Eye
of Shakakhan.  Tara and Morgan agreed but the tribe that worshipped Shakakhan
wasn't about to give it up.  However they were always looking for new blood.

After winning the fight Morgan had Tara's dog Shadow track her to the Temple of Shakakhan. Where it seemed to be one of their holy days.

The statue woke up once the eye was removed but they managed to defeat Shakakhan and bring the eye back to Saaba. Who used it to learn that Deimos had a castle on the Terminator, the shadow land between Skartaris and the outside world. He was planning to raise Joshua as his own son and train him to kill his birth parents. Tara and Morgan immediately set off for the Terminator but there were a lot of obstacles yet to come before they reached the borderland!

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